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"Real Barbecue def:  (U.S.D.A. /FSIS)

      Meat products such as Pork, Beef, or             Chicken cooked with Wood or the                Hot Coals there from (exclusively), for       a sufficient period to assume the usual characteristics of a Barbecued article which Includes the formation of a Brown Crust            AKA (The Bark) on the surface and the                   rendering of surface fat.

  The barbecued product must lose at least  30% of its precooked weight in the Process.


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  Poor Piggy's

       "Goin Ham"

            Burger Truck! 




Welcome to Poor Piggy's BBQ Food Trucks & Catering.  Poor Piggy's is Wilmington NC's FIRST & BEST food truck specializing in North Carolina BBQ, Beef Brisket, Dry Rubbed Ribs, & Chicken.  We slow cook our  Pork BBQ, Certified Angus Beef Brisket, Dry Rubbed Ribs, & Chicken over Hickory for long hours to give you that mouth watering fall apart meat that we all LOVE.   No gas or propane ever touches our meats!

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Ramblin' Pig

    Catering services are available daily. Poor Piggy's has 3 Trucks Total ( 2 BBQ            and The NEW Burger Truck plus a            Traditional Catering Team to service all       your Catering & Event Needs no matter      the size. From Traditional Style Full Service to Delivery and Setup of Self Servic Buffets  ,   no matter what type of Event You are             having, We have You Covered!    

Please be aware, some weekends Piggy & Co. hit the road and travel to Festivals &        Events so Keep up with Us Here & On       Facebook & Twitter to find out when we're      Spreading the BBQ love Out of Town!

Please visit our LOCATIONS page to see where we are & what we're doing!


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